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Tughlakabad Extension: The Best Place to Invest in Real Estate in South Delhi

Tughlakabad Extension, a burgeoning real estate hotspot in South Delhi, has emerged as a prime investment destination, offering an impressive annual yield and appreciation rates. This area has witnessed a staggering 100% increase in property rates over the past 12 months, making it one of the most lucrative real estate markets in the capital. Current Average Annual Rental Yield is 9-10% along with 10-20% annual appreciation rates. The current price of land is Rs.28,000/- per square feet.

Strategic Location and Upcoming Infrastructure

One of the key factors driving the property boom in Tughlakabad Extension is its strategic location. The area is set to benefit immensely from the upcoming metro connectivity, which promises to enhance accessibility and reduce travel time to major hubs across the city. This infrastructural development is anticipated to significantly boost property values and rental yields, making it an attractive proposition for investors.

Educational Hub

Another major advantage of investing in Tughlakabad Extension is its proximity to prestigious educational institutions. Jamia Hamdard University, located just opposite Tughlakabad Extension, attracts a steady stream of students, faculty, and staff, creating a high demand for rental properties. Additionally, a new college within the Jamia Hamdard University campus is under construction, which is expected to further drive up the demand for housing in the vicinity.

High Rental Yields

The presence of Jamia Hamdard University and the upcoming new college has resulted in super high rental yields in Tughlakabad Extension. The continuous influx of students and professionals ensures a robust rental market, providing investors with stable and lucrative rental income. This demand is likely to grow even stronger with the completion of the new educational facilities, further enhancing the appeal of this area for real estate investment.

Exceptional Appreciation Rates

Tughlakabad Extension has experienced remarkable appreciation rates, with property values climbing by 100% in the past year alone. This unprecedented growth is a testament to the area's potential as a high-return investment destination. The combination of strategic location, upcoming metro connectivity, and proximity to major educational institutions has created a perfect storm for property appreciation, making Tughlakabad Extension an unbeatable choice for investors.

Comparisons with Other Areas in New Delhi

When compared to other investment options in New Delhi, Tughlakabad Extension stands out for several reasons. Many areas in the city have reached a saturation point in terms of property prices and rental yields, offering limited growth potential. In contrast, Tughlakabad Extension is still in its growth phase, providing ample opportunities for substantial returns on investment.

Moreover, the planned infrastructure developments and the expansion of educational institutions are unique advantages that set Tughlakabad Extension apart from other areas. Investors looking for high-yield and high-appreciation properties will find Tughlakabad Extension to be a superior choice compared to other, more established localities in New Delhi.


In summary, Tughlakabad Extension offers a compelling case for real estate investment in South Delhi. With its strategic location, upcoming metro connectivity, proximity to Jamia Hamdard University, and exceptional appreciation rates, this area presents an unparalleled opportunity for investors. The combination of high rental yields and significant property value appreciation makes Tughlakabad Extension the best place to invest in New Delhi's real estate market today. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer, Tughlakabad Extension promises to deliver impressive returns and long-term value.

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