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The Hashmi Ecosystem

Explore all the benefits of being part of The Hashmi Ecosystem! You're eligible for all the below benefits if you're associated with The Hashmi Ecosystem in any way!

Music App

Blinkist Free Subscription

Get free subscription of written & audio books summaries app.

Student Life

Internship Opportunities

Join any of our organization as an Intern.


Networking Opportunities

Network with other Ecosystem members. Let us know what kind of person you wonna meet and we'll introduce you if any of our ecosystem member fits that expectation.

Online Meeting

Guest for Online Events

Get World's Class Guest from our network for free.

Woman holding a box of clothes for donation

Apply for Donation

Get donation from Hashmi Foundation for health or education related needs.

Video Call

Entrepreneurship Content Access

Get all one of the World's Best Entrepreneurship content files. 

Working from Home

Career Consultation

Get free career consultation from the World's Top 1% of the Ecosystem members.

A woman checking documents on the desk

Entrepreneurship Course Access

Get all one of the World's Best Entrepreneurship course files. 

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